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Filtraballs are 10 times more efficient than sand, with a filtration rate of 3 microns – almost nothing gets through. Reusable, non-toxic, eco-friendly, easy care.

Q & A

  • Can I put powdered shock directly into the skimmer?  It is not recommended to drop granular chlorine directly into the skimmer (with or without Filtraballs).
  • How often do I clean them?  It is recommended to clean Filtraballs at then end of the season. See instructions for maintenance and cleaning procedures.
  • How do I know when they are dirty? Filtraballs will be dirty at the end of each season as their filtration level is 3 microns, which means they will absorb /capture very small debris/bacteria. We recommend adding new Filtraballs after 3 pool seasons. If your neighborhood has a lot of pollen or construction dust more Filtraballs may be needed sooner.
  • I heard you can clean them in the washer? Yes, you can! It helps to remove practically all the debris, with the exception of pine needles. You can also clean Filtraballs with your garden hose.