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Here is the list of our SPA FILTER CARTRIDGES with compatible models:

CART-4950C 50 sq.ft.: C-4950; FC-2390; PRB50-IN
MAAX, Coast, Beachcomber, CAL, Jacuzzi

CART-9406CH: 6CH-940; FC-0359; PWW50;
Viking, MAAX, Trévi, Dynasty, Catalina, Bullfrog, Canspa

CART-8316C: C-8316; FC-1286; PXST150;
Hayward X Stream CCX1500RE

CART-4326C 25 sq.ft.: C-4326; FC-2375; PRB25-IN;
MAAX, Coast, Beachcomber, CAL, Jacuzzi

CART-496CH: 6CH-49; FC-0314; PPG50P4;

CART-9494CH: 4CH-949; FC-0172; PWW50L;
Trévi, Dynasty, Sunrise, Premium Leisure

CART-355CH: 5CH-35; FC-0300; PAS35P;
Elite, MAAX, Artesian, Coleman

CART-9606CH: 6CH-960; FC-2800; PJW60TL-2A;

CART-8326C: C-8326; FC-2780; PSD125-2000;

CART-5025CH: 5CH-502; FC-0195; PPM50-SC;
Marquis, CAL SPA

CART-7488C: C-7488; FC-1226; PA106;
Hayward CX880RE (4025)